Observation Date: 01/24/2017

Start 5600′ to Above treeline 8800′ . Traveled varying aspects compass but west.

Sunny/some clouds rolled in. Temp mid teens


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Non observed

Other Comments:
Lower down<6500′ crust with some snow on top not (not sure when fell). Used some old ski trails and up to 5-6 ” over trail. Up higher more snow and wind action covered previous travel. When skiing down (turning)when did pick up crust was skiable(North facing}. Above6500′ crust was present on any slope ,roll, ridge that faced south. Dug pit at aprox 8000′ ESE . 4-5″(from surface)ECTN 5 sun crust newer snow bonded okay. aprox 8″ down another sun crust ECTN 12, 18- 20″ lower down ECTN 25 loose layer 2 finger with 1 finger above and below.These crust layers may be concern with additional loading(new snow ,wind deposition). Did find some shallow wind slabs . No cracking, collapsing. Turns stayed together. Above 8500′ evidence of wind out of north. East facing firm layer(felt like wind affected) from with some new dry on top. Skied okay. In sheltered and lower down settled powder.

Observer: g janiec