Observation Date: 01/27/2017

West flank of Murphy Peak, looking at North facing lines



New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
We noticed strong upsloping winds from the west north west the last two days. Most leeward terrain in the top 100 to 200 feet is windloaded in the Rattlesnake. We triggered a sizeable windslab on the north facing terrain on Murphy peak today. We avoided South, Southeast terrain due to the obvious loading and cohesion of windslabs. We stomped a few times on this knife ridge and it broke over some cliffs. It was 1.5 feet +/- and propagated probably 40 to 50 feet however only 15 to 20 of that actually slid. Ran 200 feet however did not step down or propagate.

Observer: Dave Glueckert