Observation Date: 02/03/2017

Mt Fuji. Lolo. Accessed via northwest ridge route. Reestablished existing track due to new snow accumulation.

Snowing intermittently, heavy at times. No significant wind. Visibility highly variable minute to minute due to snow squalls.

Not on the north aspects. Some coming out of SW 5-10.
The NW ridge has been affected by wind. There is some tree scouring and snow density changes.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
No movement observed. Stayed out of terrain traps and the main gulley. Made four runs on the more mellow slopes east of the gulley.
6 inches of light snow on top of a base that skis solid but has a coupe of weak layers in it. One about a foot down from the top of the snow surface and another a foot below that. I dug a casual pit and isolated a small column that sheared at a CT 28 Q1 about a foot down from the surface. The pack below that seemed fist hard to me except for the second thin weak layer a foot below the first one.

Other Comments:
Lolo looked like it was going to get more snow tonight. I would be watching for the slopes to start loading up with new snow.
I did not ski the wind affected NW ridge.

Observer: Jon Barlow