Observation Date: 02/04/2017

Pit dug at NE aspect on high road at the G Spot at approx 5600′. Skied from top through main meadow and back down to parking lot through road cuts.

Overcast and snowing with occasional sustained gusts. Temperatures were fairly warm, around high 20s and 30 degrees

Gusts were transporting snow, but there was no evidence of wind slabs.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Triggered small, shallow wet slab off a convexity at approx 4600′. Appeared to slide on an icy layer a few inches below the snow surface.

Other Comments:
Pit data: NE aspect at approx 5600′ (highest road cut below meadow). Total snow depth was 190cm. Compression tests resulted in CT11 Q3 at 10cm from surface, CT12 Q2 at 25cm from surface, CT17 Q3 at 40cm from surface, and CT29 Q3 at 70cm from surface. There were no significant changes in density through these layers, but there was an ice layer at 120cm from base or approx 70cm from surface. Extended column tests resulted in ECTN 13 at 25cm from surface. The new snowpack appeared to be sticking together in the extended column and was starting to bind well to ice layer (120cm from base).

We decided to ski open terrain between 30 and 35 degrees and felt very safe on these slopes.

Observer: Zak C-S