Observation Date: 02/10/2017

Went for a tour to see how much the rain and warmth impacted the snowpack. Traveled from the parking area to the first road cut, then toured around the bowl to the north side and climbed East and South slopes to the upper road cut. Pit location was on an East aspect just below the upper road cut.

Snow line appeared to be just below the G spot parking area, maybe 5000ft. Intermittent graupel was falling from the sky, accumulating in trace amounts.

Winds were calm, no blowing snow.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Old roller balls found up high, mostly coming off the rocky outcrops. New rollerball activity was widespread on lower elevation steep terrain on our ski out and drive. Widespread rain runnels on all aspects and elevations during our tour.

Jumped on a bunch of small test slopes, with no results.

Other Comments:
We found warm wet snow all the way to the ground. It seems the previous crusts and facets have been impacted by the warm temps and rain and were not very reactive in our tests, lots of melt forms. The old melt freeze crusts seemed to be wetter than the surrounding, wind packed snow, with water present between the grains. There was, however, relatively dry, new snow on the surface and in the trees.

Wax your skins if you’re planning to tour up here, high glom factor present!

Observer: Ryan Milling