Observation Date: 02/13/2017

Ryan and I intended to go to the base of Grey Wolf Peak and Consider Climbing and skiing the West Couloir. As we hit the Alpine on the SouthWest Ridge of East St Marys we noticed 2 separate slides. The first one was in the Power Creek Basin, Flank to Flank it was approximately 500 feet. On the side of the Southwest Ridge, we observed another fairly substantial debris pile in the lower moraine. It appeared that most of this bowl had slid naturally. This is bullseye data and we decided to not continue our route and call it a day. We also witness some roller balling on some slopes.

Clear, and very warm in the early afternoon. 4 degrees celsius was the temperature taken using a dial stem thermometer.

Calm, but lots of previous wind loading

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
We saw a fair amount of natural avalanche activity from 8,000 feet to about 6500 feet. Both slides were on SSW aspects.

Other Comments:
We did not ski the slope

Observer: Joshua Tapp/Ryan Milling Joshua Tapp/Ryan Milling