Observation Date: 02/28/2017

Up east facing ridge to ~8000 . Skied north and east.

Light snow. Mostly obscure. Moments some clearing.

Gusty. Strong at times N,NW,W

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Non seen. Could not see far. No evidence of sloughing or soft storm slab avalanche on steep north slopes I did view. Did ski some mod.(35,35+ deg) north facing. Did not challenge any rolls. No sloughing, turns held together. Some slight wind skin formed by wind traveling up slope.

Other Comments:
Pit on NE slope ~8000 feet. CT 9 taps new snow 10″(from surface), CT 15 taps ~15″, At 27″ from surface melt freeze crust, had to pull on column to get this layer to react. Did ect none of these layers propagated. went to north slope planned to ski did a couple ct top new snow ~10 “layer light powder react like other pit. At ~6000 ft east facing and north snow not as deep picked up crust. Upper elevation deep bottomless.however wind affected.

Observer: g j