Observation Date: 03/09/2017

Lolo pass; Hangover Ridge area

Heavy, wet snow and 30 degrees temp at 10 am; continued snow with light sleeto and 36 degrees at 1pm. Warming fast, variable visibilty

Calm but steady, no noted transport while on ridge but evident that it had been windy, no visible trail as nearing ridge line with 3-6 inch wind slab present

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Large heavy snow rollers from trees and kicking snow while touring, many of these traveled to bottom of ridge. Noted light whoomping and 10-15 ft shooting cracks on fresh skin trail on tour up nearing ridge. Multiple pit tests with consistent CT 6 and 7 and 35 cm depth failures with multiple fractures, solid, heavy snow blocks. ECT 12 P full 90 cm wide and 35-40 cm depth. There is a solid 1.5 inch wet ice layer about 50 cm deep formed since last Sunday. Reusch block test with light jump dropped full block down to bottom of the about 30 inches of snow from this week. Point releases noted on return drive down along roadside, lots of snow dropping off trees, lots of long snow rollers.

Other Comments:
Be safe out there and take no unnecessary risks! Live to ski another day!

Observer: D E