Observation Date: 11/19/2017 Route/Location: 8800′ Southwest aspect below St. Mary’s Lookout Bitterroot Mountains. 46.5071, -114.2431 Weather: 30% scattered sky cover Mostly sunny
Temp Mid 30s
No Precip Wind: ~ West Winds 15 G25
Lots of snow transport
Loading on leeward slopes and cross-loading in gullies New Snow: No New Snow Avalanche Activity: At ~1215 Nov 19, 2017, I dug a pole pit 63 cm deep to the bed surface on a 34* Southwest facing slope. This area was not shaded and away from trees. I found a weak layer of facets on the bed surface. It exhibited a Q2 sheer and everything above showed solid bonding. Other Comments: Lots of wind loading on North and East facing aspects. Observer: David Hanks