Observation Date: 12/02/2017

8800′ South aspect below St. Mary’s Lookout Bitterroot Mountains. 46.5071, -114.2431

Overcast skies; Light Winds; Light snow precipitation

Light winds averaging approximately 5-10 mph. Lots of snow transport from previous days prior.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No observed avalanches seen in the area.

At approximately 1245 Dec 2, 2017 I dug a pole pit at 8700′ on a South aspect. Slope angle 32*. Open terrain out of trees and unshaded. I observed a quality 1 shear on an ice crust layer about 2cm thick. The slab on top was 41cm of well bonded snow (wind slab).

Other Comments:
Lots of wind loading observed on all aspects.

Observer: David Hanks