Observation Date: 12/02/2017

East Aspect Mcalla Peak Bitterroots.

Overcast. Light Winds. Light snow precipitation. Temp High approx 29*

Light winds between 5-10 mph. Occasional gusts ~15 mph
Lots of snow previous snow transport observed, however not much taking place at this time.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No previous avalanches observed.

At approximately 13300 Dec 2, 2017 I dug a pole pit at 8600′ on the East facing shoulder of Mcalla Peak. Slope angle 32*. I observed a quality 1 sheer on an ice crust. The wind slab above was approximately 41 cm deep and well bonded. This area was not shaded and was away from trees.

Other Comments:
It appears this ice crust layer is on multiple aspects. There was lots of transported snow observed on all aspects. I attempted to get this slab to slide on South and East aspects by cutting test slopes at more shallow trigger areas, but was unable to get it to move. I observed no cracking or whoomfing.

Observer: David Hanks