Observation Date: 01/06/2018

Toured to burgundy ridge, dug a pit. Skinned back along the ridge to point six out to too steep to tele, dug a pit. Skied down to Rankin Lake via low angle on the ridge, traversed back to paradise.

Air temps In the low to mid 20’s. Winds 10-20mph out of the WNW. Sky cover obscured. Precip light snow.


New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No recent activity observed apart from a few small loose sluffs from recent warm weather, but visibility was very poor so was not able to get eyes on most of the start zones.

Other Comments:
Burgundy Pit
Elevation 8000ft. SSE facing slope 147deg. Slope Angle 32deg. Total snow depth 175cm.

Too Steep To Tele Pit
Elevation 7940ft. N facing slope 0deg. Slope Angle 29deg. Total snow depth 225cm.

Upper layers seem to be healing, but thanksgiving crust still reactive and propagating in both pits, albeit with a lot of force, but it’s definitely still there. Very large and very dense slab above that if it does fail. Getting deep enough to be a tough trigger for a skier, but still the potential of a cornice break or a step down from an upper layer popping it out, or triggering it in a shallow area. Ski safe.

Observer: Evan Ruddell