Observation Date: 01/13/2018

Lolo pass, 5500 ft., E-NE-N-NW aspects. Snowshoe and Hangover hill. Less than 35 degree slopes.

Light snow, fog, 5-15 mph SSW wind, fast enough to transport the low density overnight snow, but not the snow under the thin melt-freeze crust 2 inches below. Hovering around freezing.

SSW light and variable

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No avalanche activity seen.
Lots of Rollerballs.

Other Comments:
The heavy snow seems to be bonding fairly well. With the exception of the top 2 inches, where the overnight and morning light snow had not yet bonded to the thin melt freeze crust. No propagation during ECT. Easy initiation 2 inches (CT 2), and 6 inches (CT 6) down. Q2-Q3 shears (However, no Q1 seen), which seemed to occur on thin melt-freeze crusts within the new storm slab, and under the storm slab where there is a thicker rain crust, but decent bonding.

Skiing was fun! And I didn’t notice the thin crusts within the creamy powder.

Observer: Brian Stampe