Observation Date: 01/15/2018

Standard approach to pt 8400′ East most high point on Gash ridge. One lap in East bowl, one lap on NE line just west of skin track.

Slight Inversion, fog from 5,500-6,500. Light SE winds. Mostly Sunny. 25-35 degrees.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Saw one small wet sluff debris pile off southern aspect steep rock faces just inside east bowl from skin track. Given the heavy load, I was surprised to only see a couple other debris piles from the top of Gash ridge looking South.

Pit at 8300 ft.
NE aspect
185 cm snowpack
only dug down to 150 cm

CT 6 at 6 cm Q2
CT 11 at 30 cm Q2

Shovel shear with a lot of force finally gave a Q3 shear 1 m down

Pit test showed stable snow, but stuck to low angle terrain because of the heavy new load in the last few days.

Other Comments:

Wind and Sun crusts all the way up to 8400.
Terrain sheltered from both the last few days of wind and sun had good-decent packed powder from 6,500 ft and up. Can combat ski from upper gash trailhead to car. Can drive to the trailhead with a lil clearance and 4wd. Gash Cr. Rd was thick ice, but not as slick as you’d expect-I did fine with 4wdH and all season tires on a poorly balanced truck.

Observer: Brian Stampe