Observation Date: 01/28/2018

Hangover hill. Conservative terrain.

Cloudy, light snow, hovering above freezing, light and variable SSW wind.


New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None seen.

Other Comments:
Snow pit at 5500′
25* — WNW
190 cm
ECTP11 Q1 185 cm (heavy new snow, but hadn’t formed slab yet) (not sure if slight bit of buried surface hoar from waves of clear and stormy weather forecasted, wind rounded snow, or a slight upside down layer) Presumably this will continue to sinter with the warm temps before-during next round of loading coming up this week, but something to keep eye on.)
ECTN26 Q3 130 cm

Thick rain? crust around 120 cm was bonded well at this location.

Rollerballs started around 11 am on all aspects.

Observer: Brian Stampe