Observation Date: 02/04/2018

West Fork of Bitterroot near Boulder Point / Ward Cr.

Rain to +/-7000, warmed funky snow to 7500
Snow/blowing snow precip above 7000, but high air temps and yesterdays rain significantly affecting snow surfaces
Above freezing up to 8000 today (?), but wind keeping snow surfaces at that elevation cold/dry

Hammering away. SW ridgetop winds (at 7700) were relentless, probably consistently in the 20s and gusting well above that (40+mph?), transporting a significant amount of snow where snow was still cold/dry

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Natural wet slide visible on North side of Boulder Cr (SW aspect) @ est. 5500-6000′

Aside from rapid loading and rapid warming, other signs of instability absent (whoomphing, cracking)

Other Comments:
Significant formation of rain crusts!!!

Pit on SSE aspect at 7400′ (25 deg)
*all measurements are very approximate – I grabbed the old probe with the worn off measurements today and was crudely estimating with my ski pole
175cm deep

CT11 160cm q3
CT20 135cm q2
CT21 100cm q2

ECTN 13 160cm q3
ECTN 22 135cm q2
ECTN 26 100cm q2

Observer: Ben Johnson