Observation Date: 02/13/2018

Up Fred Burr to Point 8,469. Skied NE and S aspects off the peak, then skied a pair of runs below Castle Crag.



New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
I was able to get a good look around during a long tour in Fred Burr creek. I did not dig a pit. I saw several large crowns and debris piles on all aspects from the early February storm cycle. The largest crown was up to 5′ deep on a steep East aspect, and I suspect it may have been triggered by cornice fall. More prevalent were 1 to 2 foot deep crowns with impressive propogation length on wind loaded E, S, and N aspects. Several of the slides ran several thousand vertical feet. Having not dug a pit, I would be speculating if the avalanches ran on a facet layer, or were simply the result of heavy snow and wind loading.

I also, found sensitive surface slabs from the 2/11 and 12 wind event on all aspects and elevations above 6,000 feet. The slabs were up to 6″ in depth, and propogated easily while skinning. It was pretty easy to avoid sensitive slabs, so I was able to ski steep terrain, but with a careful eye to wind loading.

Other Comments:

Observer: Brian Story