Observation Date: 02/25/2018

Ridge above Downing Mtn Lodge

Lots of blowing snow below treeline in the AM with winds tapering off in the PM. Winds were Moderate with strong gusts mostly out of the S in the AM and then variable and out the N.Total new snow accumulation ~ 8″.


New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
None Observed

Other Comments:
Snow Depth @ 7300′ 225cm
Mostly right side up snowpack with an 8″ Storm Slab failing with easy force and sudden planar shear on a non-persistent weak layer of preserved light density snow found about 20cm down. Another layer was found about 40-45cm down and failed with Moderate force with a resistant planar fracture character on DFs (RB6EB). We also found a layer of 1mm facets above a thick 3cm MF crust about 85cm deep. This layer was stubborn to unreactive in our snowpack but was structurally our layer of most concern. We did note wind slab development on a road cut below treeline @ 5500′ of about 12″ in depth sliding on a crust layer.

Observer: George D’Angelo