Observation Date: 03/01/2018

Two groups, South and East ridges, between 6700 and 7800 elevation.

12 PM air temp 1 *C at 5460 elevation
Broken sky, moderate wind, light blowing snow SSW-SSE, no precip. Air temperature of -4 *C at 7790 and time of 1:30 PM.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Recent small wet loose on south aspects and small cornice fall at ridge top. Small wind slab release on > 35 degree angle east facing test slope at 5500 elevation.

Other Comments:
New snow interface approximately 20 cm down from snow surface where preserved new snow (DFs 2 mm in size) could become reactive if a slab develops on top. PST 40/100 down 75 cm end above first crust layer on NNE aspect and 6700 elevation, 28*.

HS 185 cm at 6700 NNE and 280 cm at 7800 NE (evidence of wind load).

South aspects warming during the day and cooling into a crust in the afternoon.

Observer: George D’Angelo