Observation Date: 12/30/2018

Morrell mountain ridge in the southern swans

@1230 7800′ E aspect 16 degrees F. Moderate W/SW winds. Moderate to heavy snowfall in am clearing throughout day.

Mod-strong lots of snow transport

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Soft Slab / Natural / size 1.5
Persistent slab 55-75 cm on FC 2mm / SH 4mm. Poss. Remote trigger.
47.19226, -113.35354

Other Comments:

47.19642, -113.35644
7800′ E-NE 18* slope (wind loaded)
The snowpack consisted of a 65cm slab on top of a 30cm layer of 1-2mm facets
And a stronger 30cm at the bottom

We experienced collasping of the snowpack and generally poor snowpack structure, Especially around trees and other shallow areas.

We dug several pits and found the top 55-75cm slab reactive in CTs and ECTs.

This is the data from our 12/30 pit.

CT10 SP down 20cm on storm interface
CT25 SC down 55cm on FC 1mm/ PPgp1mm
CT26 SC down 67cm on FC 2mm/ SH 4mm
CT29 SC down 80cm on FC 2mm
ECTN 20 cm storm snow
ECTP down 60cm
RB5 Whole Block Released down 60cm

Observer: George Dangelo