Observation Date: 01/13/2019

We skied a north facing run from 8,700′ on Little St. Jo into the south fork of Sweeney Creek, toured around Big Joe to the col that leads back to Bass Creek.

Sunny and above the inversion.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
We dug a quick pit to assess the top meter of snow and found a cohesive, right side up snowpack with no weak layers. We did not get any clean propagations and found a total depth of 230cm @ 8700′ N facing.

Other Comments:
Touring around the head of Sweeney Creek, the only visible natural activity was confined to solar aspects where point releases could be seen releasing below rocks, picking up some snow in the steeper gullies. We also observed large surface hoar growing on all aspects in Sweeney and Bass creeks, up to 1cm in size.

Observer: Ned Gall