Observation Date: 01/13/2019

Morrell Mtn. Skied mostly east aspects off ridge.

Sunny and warm during the day, light variable winds. Cold and clear at night. Lots of surface hoar developing (7mm) in the lower elevations.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
Dug many pits from 7200-7900′. south facing slopes where the snow is deeper than about 120cm layer the layer of facets about 80-90cm down appears to be gaining strength (CTNs, ECTNs, ECTX). Steeper solar aspects were warming enough for loose wet activity and are forming a stout crust. On east facing slopes where the snowpack is around 105-130cm, the thick layer of facets (2mm) is well preserved and more reactive, though stubborn.(CTH(SC), ECTP 30).
We also found a widespread 15-20cm soft slab on the surface that appeard to fail at an interface of preserved light density snow. (CTE(SP), ECTN). We found lots of variability and generally poor snowpack structure throughout the area. Depth Hoar was found in thin, (45cm) rocky areas and very weak faceted snowpack around trees.

Observer: George DAngelo