Observation Date: 01/19/2019

We toured up Bass Creek to pt 8524 above Lappi Lake, and skied east, west and north aspects.

The day started calm with decent visibility and changed to stormy-er weather (winds picked up, lightly snowing) as we were skiing out

Winds were picking up from the north, transporting snow onto south/ southeast aspects

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Climbing up to Lappi from the creek we struggled through saturated snow and observed many rollerballs and small point releases, from about 5000′-7000′, the only red flag of the day came from one whoomph ~6400 ft. Above 7000′, on an east aspect, we dug a pit and found the new snow bonding well to the old surface. A snowpack of 110cm total depth revealed a right side up snowpack, with zero layers of concern. We also poked into a west facing run which eventually turns north into Bass creek, and dug a quick hand pit to find the new snow bonding well again.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ned Gall