Observation Date: 01/20/2019

Top of G-spot at Lolo Pass, coming off the E aspect of the NE ridge at ~5850′.

Snowing and just under 32 degrees. Cloudy, light wind.

Light wind. Saw wind transported snow slab (4-5″ with ECT3) around 5100 where we dug a pit.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Set off a small, D1R1 wind transported and new snow slab. Crown 25′ wide, 4-5″ deep on a roller. Did not entrain or step down to the dense 24″ slab below. Slid 15′. No one was caught or injured. E aspect at 5800′. Slope angle 37 degrees. Did not spread much further than the roller width.

Other Comments:
The group (3 skiiers, 1 splitboard) had vetoed skiing the line due to the reactive layers and had chosen to go on more conservative terrain. Everyone was in agreement. One skier mistook the line for another and took it. The party caught the mistake but followed to stay with the skier. Second skier triggered the small avalanche standing on the roller.

Observer: Casey Brown