Observation Date: 01/27/2019

We climbed the south facing gully east of the pinball, dug a safe pit near the entrance, and skied it in near perfect corn.

The wind was ripping out of the West all day, but with little snow available for transport, warm temps and sun I think the wind helped keep the snow surface cooler and the wet snow activity at bay.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
In our pit ~ 8250ft, south facing we got an ECTP-29 down 20 cm on what seemed to be the interface between the new snow from last weekend, and storm from last Wednesday. We performed a prop-saw test to check the reactivity of this layer and got 99/100. About mid-way down the gully, there was some wet debris that shed from the western wall, maybe from yesterday but other than that conditions felt like it could have been mid-March.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ned Gall