Observation Date: 01/27/2019

Lost Trail BC

Temps on 1/26 and 27 near freezing during the day. Mod Gusting Strong NW winds with Moderate Blowing Snow.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Noticed some small wet loose on steep, rocky and solar aspects. Some small cornice fall as well on south-east aspects.

Other Comments:
7900′ SW aspect, 22* HS- 85cm
pack consisted of 55cm slab on top of FC/DH
CTE SP@12cm
ECTP @ 55cm

8040′ NE aspect, 26* HS-150cm
pack consisted of a 90-100cm slab on top of FC/DH
CTE/M SP @ 20cm SH/6mm DF/2mm
CTH SP @ 45cm SH/4-6mm FC/1mm
RB6 SC WB @95cm FC/DH
ECTP (31 Taps) @95cm FC/DH

Good snow to be had in sheltered areas in the shade and low angle solar aspects.

Observer: George D’Angelo