Observation Date: 02/16/2019

Toured to the summit of Little Joe from the Bass Creek Trailhead parking lot.

Snow extended all the way down to the Bass Creek Trailhead parking lot. High temperature on the Stevi RAWS (3365′ elevation) was 43 deg F at 13:00.

Performed ~1.5 m deep ECT at ~ 8,100′ elevation on an east aspect at ~ 2:00 pm in full, spring-like sunshine.

ECTN with a Q3 break when we levered the column off with a shovel after the test. Snow depth ~ 220 cm, consistently dense Calm winds ranged from 5 – 10 MPH. Wind pillows were apparent in the east bowl. Though we were in full sunlight and low wind for most of the day, the terrain just across Bass Creek to the south was often obscured by dark, fast-moving cloud cover and wind devils were visible on the ridge. Dense, active cloud cover also extended west toward Big Joe and further into the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. It began to snow on our ski back to the car after two laps.

Small wind pillows in the bowl directly east of the Little Joe Peak. strong wind apparent across Bass Creek to the south.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
We saw no avalanche activity. See other public observation re wind slab triggered directly south on the same day.

Other Comments:

Observer: George Gaines