Observation Date: 03/19/2019

ECT pit dug at 7700′ on a NE aspect about 75′ below a north-south ridgeline.
ECTN15 at 15 cm deep
ECTN28 at 45 cm deep (after the 30 hits we pried the column off. It broke very roughly, Q3 at this depth.
Total snow was over 14′. We could not get our probe to reach the ground through the pit bottom.
The NE facing snow was still cold when we dug this pit at about 11, but had transformed by 6pm, leaving only absolute north as cold snow.

Very nice, temps in the 40s.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Southerly aspects were beginning to do the Bitterroot wet granite glide and slide. You didn’t want to be on south anything.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ian M