Observation Date: 11/28/2019

St. Mary’s Peak, Central Bitterroot

11* at trailhead on arrival ~11am. 7* at trailhead on departure ~5pm. Significant wind chill. Light wind until later afternoon when winds increased enough to transport snow in the upper elevations. Cloudy skies clearing in the late afternoon. No precip.

Enough wind by late afternoon to transport and windpack snow (i.e. slab development).

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
No recent avalanches or red flags.

Other Comments:
No base below ~7100′ (only 3″ new snow over ground). Between 7100-8000′ there is old snow and a melt-freeze crust (in places) that provides a supportable base (3-6″ new snow at surface), but still a lot of rocks and vegetation to hit while descending. Above ~8000′ there’s up to 3.5′ on leeward terrain to nothing on windward terrain (some swaths provide good linked turns). See photos for further information.

Observer: Mat Brunton