Observation Date: 12/19/2019

Lockwood point, 3rd bowl via West Twin Creeks rd , NE aspect, 6500′.

Party sunny, 30 degrees, 10-15 mph SW wind, light snow in the afternoon.

Southwest wind intermittent throughout the day, minimal transport on ridges. Thin windcrust beginning to form on wind exposed terrain.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Dug a pit at 6,500 ft, NE aspect, 31°, 125 cm depth. 0-37cm pencil hardness, 38-65 cm 1F, 66-70 cm knife rain crust, 71-73 cm 1F faceting snow, 74-105 cm 1F soft slab, 105-106cm 1F windcrust, 115-125 cm 4F new snow.

A column test with failure at 13 on 105-106 windcrust. 2 ECT with failure at 22 & 23 on same crust, no propagation. Shovel shear test with Q2 failure on faceting snow 71-73 cm.

Other Comments:
The UMT ski club would like to thank Missoula avalanche for all of their hard work and uptick in recent avalanche reports/ observations.

Observer: Jack Peabody