Observation Date: 12/26/2019

Bass Creek Overlook to summit just south of Gash Peak proper

blue bird 20f light wind

1-5mph out of the SW no snow transport seen

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
could see prior slide on NW ridge of Sky Pilot.
collapsing on tour above 7000ft
2″ dust/hoar on crust

Other Comments:
due to member of the group forgetting their beacon, and realizing it after turn off at Victor- plan changed from ski and obs to tour on the ridge. we crossed no Avi terrain. the dust on crust with “extreme” surface hoar made the wiggle back to the car nice.
we did experience collapsing through out the tour above 7000ft
crust on East face 2″ under dust/hoar, then facets to the ground variable depth but never deeper than 2ft.

Observer: Ben Schmidt