Observation Date: 01/05/2020

Southern Rattlesnake-Wishard Ridge

Mostly sunny in the morning, turning to partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Calm in the morning, with brief periods of wind in the afternoon in isolated areas. Enough to transport snow into our skin track.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No observed avalanche activity, No shooting cracks, but did have a few collapses in lower elevations below 6000 feet in more shallow snowpack. Jumped on a few logging road cuts with no activity.

Other Comments:
Dug and extended column test on an east facing slope at approximately 6600 feet. Total snow pack depth of 120 cm. Identified a stout crust layer at approximately 65 cm, and facets from 90 cm to the ground. Had an ECTN 12 failure at 35 cm followed by an ECTP 19 failure at 90 cm on the ground facets. Collapsed with energy and pulled out easily with a light shovel pull. There were no failures on the stout crust layer at 65 cm. Just dug the pit for informational purposes. Had no plans to ride anything above 30 degrees for this outing regardless of results, however this was great supporting evidence to enjoy the great low angle snow for now.

Observer: Dave Glueckert