Observation Date: 01/05/2020

Southern swans – Morrell mtn area

3 days of touring during Level 2. Mostly cloudy skies. moderate – strong winds out the the west-sw. Temps were near freezing on 01/02-03 and cooled to mid teens @ 8000′ on 01/05


New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
2 significant d3 persistent slabs on SE aspects. Crowns were r4-5. Full paths. Probably ran during new years storm event. These slabs ran on a layer of surface hoar/facets above the 12/21 melt freeze crust 65cm down.

Other Comments:
Numerous teats were conducted on multiple aspects. The primary layer of concern was about 60-70cm deep and was a layer of surface hoar/facets above a melt freeze crust that formed around 12/21. Snow depth averaged 135cm.

We primarily observed ECTX results and skied 30-33 degree slopes. We observed depth hoar near the base of the snowpack in all locations with the most developed and deepest layers on the shaded aspects.

Our primary concerns were the persistent and wind slab problems.

Observer: George DeAngelo