Observation Date: 01/05/2020

Toured up NE ridge of Ward Mountain to the summit and skied the same.

Intermitent sun and thin cloud cover. Increasing west wind above 8000′ with gusts in excess of 25 mph near the summit. Very little wind below 8000′. No precip.

Snow transport was evident above 8000′.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
We did not observe any recent avalanche activity. Occasional cracking while skinning up, but nothing very alarming. No collapsing of the snowpack was observed.

Other Comments:
As we skied down from the 9100′ summit, we stopped at 8200′ to dig a pit. NNE 20 degree slope. 170 cm total snow depth. Upper 25 cm – fist density. Very nice skiing conditions were enjoyed on this low-angle route.

All test depths given in cm from ground:
CT 5 Q3 at 145cm – new snow interface
CT 14 Q1 at 100cm – crust/buried surface hoar layer
CT 15 Q1 at 40cm – top of depth hoar

ECTN 14 at 100cm
ECTN 16 at 40cm

Observer: Joshua Phillips