Observation Date: 01/12/2020

We toured up mellow SE burnt ridge of Gash proper, digging N facing pits along the way.

A bit of a mixed bag; some light snow with the occasional sunburst throughout the day.

We observed some moderate gusts (15-20 mph) from both E and W during our tour.

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
We dug twice, both N facing, at 7,000 and 8,000 ft. Both pits revealed a right side up snowpack without any obvious weak layers in the upper meter of snow. HS 155 cm and 190 cm respectively. Mid teen ECTN’s on the new snow interface (down 40 cms) down at 7,000 ft and ECTX at 8,000 ft.

Other Comments:
There are still quite a few dead snags lurking just below the surface around the Gash area, I think another foot or two of snow will greatly improve the coverage as well as adding the needed weight and depth to bury the garbage at the ground further.

Observer: Ned Gall