Observation Date: 01/17/2020

Rode sleds up to the Twin Lakes region in Lost Horse Canyon.

Today was partly sunny with light snowfall and some cloud cover. Temperatures were in the high teens to mid 20’s.

We did not see much wind transport today.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
We noticed natural avalanches that occurred during the past couple of weeks on north facing slopes lower down in the canyon. These avalanches failed on or near the ground in thin rocky areas.

Other Comments:
As we climbed up the road and gained elevation, we noticed a considerable amount of snow up high. When you get to the cabin by Twin Lakes, it was strikingly apparent how much snow is in the upper drainage. There is about 6 feet of snow on the roof of the cabin. We dug a snow pit at 6750 feet on NE facing terrain and did not see any weak layers. The height of snow was about 7 feet deep. The upper elevation terrain with a deep snowpack seemed to be stable.

I would suspect that areas with a thinner snowpack in this drainage to still be suspect for a persistent slab avalanche. My confidence is low to moderate because we did not dig any snow pits in areas with a shallow snowpack.

Observer: Todd Glew