Observation Date: 01/18/2020

Pierce Creek drainage, ~1-2 miles from Chief Joseph Ski Area.

Access route followed the CDT towards Anderson Mtn. Test pit was slightly wind protected and on the edge of an open slope. Skied slopes that were S-SW, open/lightly tree covered and average slope was 20-25º.

Test Pit Date: 1/18
Time: 12:35
Elevation: 7300′
Aspect: SW (220º)
Slope: 18º
Sky: scattered
Wind: moderate gusts (S-SW)
Precip: none
Snow depth: 115 cm

By the end of the day, sky had changed to overcast, wind was constantly moderate (S-SW) and wind transport was light. On open slopes, wind features (pillows/scouring/stiff crust) were developing near the top/ridge and snow depth was reduced to 60cm or less.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Observed 2 small slides on the road cuts above Hwy 93 when approaching Lost Trail pass. Both went to ground, were 1 – 2 feet deep, on a N aspect, ~6400 ft, and slope was above 30º. Slides were at least 1-3 days old.

Other Comments:
Only saw a couple layers of interest starting from the surface:
0 – 40 cm (hardness = fist, DF of .5 – 1 mm)
40 – 95 cm (hardness = 1 finger, DF of 1 – 1.5 mm )
95 – ground (hardness = fist, FC of 3 mm)

CTV – failed on the basal facets when isolating the column
ECTX – no results

Observer: Dylan Cembalski