Observation Date: 01/19/2020

Long tour approaching from the road to Glen lake including runs above Glen lakes and to the NE toward Big creek.



New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:
Pit: We dug a pit to the ground at 8200 feet on a 25 degree east facing slope moderately wind loaded (about 500 vertical feet below the ridge line). Total snow depth 170 cm. Pit results were ECTP13 at 20 cm down on a storm interface. No other failures. We were able to get the New year layer to shear in a shovel shear test about 60 cm down but we weren’t able to visually see any surface hoar and/or notable ice crust at that interface. We also dug to the ground and found about 30cm of basal facets. ECT pit results didn’t produce failure at the ground, and a shovel shear did not break cleanly on depth hoar.

Other observations: We triggered extensive collapsing down to basal facets during the approach at mid elevations near the ridge top and on south aspects where the snowpack was thin (less than 90 cm). In areas where the snowpack was deep, we didn’t notice any collapsing. Surface snow felt stable with no sluffing, shooting cracks, or other signs of instability.

Natural avalanches: We saw a large old crown on the steep wind loaded Southeast face of Disappointment peak (the prominent high point between Saint Mary peak and the Heavenly Twins).

Other Comments:

Observer: Brian Story