Observation Date: 01/23/2020


Warm some precipitation mix freezing rain/snow

Up high >7400′ gusty winds believe out of west but as usual in mts below ridges was coming in different directions.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None seen but visibility was limited. Snow not cracking in areas on exposed possible wind slab areas

Other Comments:
This is same area I observed riming earlier in week. Dug down to this layer found it and snow was bonding OK. Did multiple column test and in high teens, low 20 ‘s rough Q3 shear. Did multiple hand pits to see bonding as proceeded. Not much snow transport ,erratic winds ,dense snow.Snow surface did not show wind sculpting and usual cornice formation wasn’t present. Also a zipper crust was present except due north. Snow got sticky damp below aprox. below 6500′(this in north sheltered no sun area.)Body armor may be appropriate ski gear if don’t get new snow and temps stay below freezing. Don’t forget skin wax.

Observer: janiec g