Observation Date: 01/26/2020

Went up and skied North Bass Peak and then skied glades below the Spurge Couloir.

Snow depth below the Spurge was very variable, ranging from inches to over 255cm. We did not get any propagation in our ECT test but we did not dig all the way to the ground.

We kept it mellow skiing glades and low angle terrain to mitigate any avalanche hazard.

Clear and calm in the morning then snowy and windy in the afternoon. On the way out winds were around 35-40mph allowing significant transport of fresh snow.


New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
There was a large slab that released recently around 6500 on an eastern facing slope to the ground, it did not run full track. Most likely from the warm weather.

South facing slopes coming down from Stormy Joe and Big St Joe slid most likely this week during the warm weather. Debris was mostly covered with new snow. One slide was enough to entrain small burned trees and pile up on the lake. Most of these looked like they started about a quarter of the way up the mountain and did not run full track.

Other Comments:

Observer: Marc Hendrickson