Observation Date: 01/27/2020


Cloudy/moments of almost sun/snowing quite heavy

Windy up high >7400′ as usual erratic but clouds and snow at highest point . Wind and new snow amount filled trail on repeat climb

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
None seen. Got views of steep south and some north big slopes and of course and close up both east. both east. Got into wind zone ,cracking of slabs

Other Comments:
Dug pit only down to check out crusts from previous trips in area. Found them one 12″down from surface and another apron 18-20’from surface. Did rough ECT weak layer upper crust 12″ from surface ectnp15 not very consolidated layer yet. Wind slab more issue I was concerned more hand pits and feeling snow out as proceeded cracking/sound snow(drum sound?) looking for pillows etc. No snow scouring/sculpting shallow snow over wind board. Note: Snowmachiners frequent this area and if any of you are reading this observation. My route follows some small slight ridges, trees, avoid rocks/cliffs etc. Also remember my total weight with gear is only tops 175 lbs. Your machines without person is 450 lbs plus riders weight.

Observer: greg janiec