Observation Date: 02/02/2020

Crystal Amphitheater

Little to no wind with about 6 inches of new snow.


New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None observed.

Other Comments:
Dug a pit at 5800′ on a SE slope with a slope angle in the mid 20’s.
HS 130cm
~15 cm of new snow (Fist hardness) on a melt freeze crust from the previous night. Now snow was not cohesive to itself or the melt freeze crust below.
Below melt freeze crust another 15cm of 4F hardness snow on another melt freeze crust.
CT 17 between the two melt freeze layers.
No whumphing, cracking or slides observed.
Skiing varied from dust on crust to powder with a snagging crust beneath.

Observer: Miles Knotek