Observation Date: 02/02/2020

We skied up to Gash nob (~8,400 ft) and found stable, dense snow bonding well to the 2/1 crust on both East and West aspects.

It was nice to feel some chilly air after our tropical introduction to February. Skies started overcast and cleared as the day progressed, with some scattered flurries midday.

Calm. From the looks of the surface conditions near where we were, it looks like the storm blew in from the N-NW. Some fellow riders corroborated this ob yesterday finding a North facing chute into Sweathouse completely stripped bare of snow.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Luckily the new snow came in dense enough to bond to the stout crust that came with the warm temperatures on Saturday. Pit results yielded ECT-Ns in the mid-teens on the new interface, without much energy. We dipped off the West side of the nob for a run and found a lot of snow (HS: 200cm) on what one would think would be trashed by the usually prevalent wind, but we found excellent powder riding 1-200 feet below the ridgeline.

Other Comments:

Observer: Ned Gall