Observation Date: 02/06/2020

We parked the snowmobile at about 5400′ and toured up to the top of Lockwood point along the east facing ridge next to the powerline. Skiied east and NE facing glades.

Some very light mixed precip that cleared out and gave way to views of the swans. Mostly cloudy all day with some sunshine poking through and making for some awesome lighting – you know, Montana showing off.

It was pretty calm but there was some loading on the E and SE aspects; the more north facing trees looked pretty wind-blasted. The southern most ridgeline on lockwood pt looked super wind loaded.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Dug a pit at 6600 on east facing aspect that had some wind loading. CT3 @ 18cm at the fresh snow interface, CT13 @35cm probably on the 2/2 crust. ECT 4 @18cm with propagation on new snow interface, no further failure in the ECT. The new snow was pretty touchy up high on wind loaded slope – I was kicking off blocks on road cuts. It seemed less reactive down low – I couldn’t find any instability on the road cuts that I was bouncing around on at 5800. Found some pretty sweet breakable crust below the fresh, starting at about 5100′.

Other Comments:

Observer: Deana DeWire