Observation Date: 02/08/2020

Up Paradise to Point Six and skiing East facing bowl.

Strong winds and snow out of the West with limited visibility. Considerably colder on the ridge than at the parking lot or even a few feet out of the wind.

Active wind transport and large cornices growing. Wind crust on the ridge with light deposited uncohesive powder on the lee.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
An old small slide of unknown width and depth. The crown was out of site in the flat light but a small amount of debris was found covered by the new snow. I would guess the slide at D1 and likely the skier triggered slide noted in 2/6 observation. No new avalanches observed since.

Other Comments:
Dug on the lee side of the ridge below the Death Star at about 7900′ on a SSE facing slope. CT 2-5 in the newest 3-6″ of wind deposited snow. ECTN. ~150CM snowpack with facets starting to round at the bottom of the snowpack. Ski cut and stomped on starting zones along the section of the ride we skied without results.

Great skiing down to the lake with a challenging skin back out to Paradise with deep snow. It’s stacking up out there!

Observer: Miles Knotek