Observation Date: 02/08/2020

Storm total in excess of 24” above 7k found on Saturday at gash point, snowed about 4 inches throughout the day. Wind Slab triggered by skinning near the top of skiers gash on the NE aspect with an 18” crown, ran slow motion for about 100 feet before stopping on its own accord. Significant sluffing on anything steep enough to turn and too much snow to do anything but straight line low angle terrain. Enough snow that travel and mobility felt arduous and scary at times, heightened fear of tree wells or even falling over in the snow with a pack on. Would advise letting it firm up and bond unless you have serious wide powder skis.


Heavy on ridge top

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Wind slab at 7900 NE aspect, 18” crown

Other Comments:
Slough that carried significant energy and buildup

Observer: Ry S