Observation Date: 02/23/2020

Route was Lake Dinah to Lake Elsina to the warming hut. Avalanche observation was from the bald ridge on the route between Lake Elsina and the warming hut.

Overcast. Snowing & mid wind gusts at Lake Dinah early afternoon, reducing visibility at times. Little snow accumulation at the time. Overcast, with good visibility from Lake Elsina to the warming hut and to Westside Trailhead.

Wind increased afternoon. Stronger ridgetop winds from West, moving snow to contribute to current wind loaded leeward slopes.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Group observed a new avalanche in one of the North Fork Placid Creek bowls. East aspect, leeward slope, approximately 7000 ft elevation. Observation with binoculars showed cornice failure at ridgeline which triggered slab avalanche below on slope. No tracks observed, so presumed natural event. Slide crown appeared to be approximately 1-3 ft thick. Medium R3 size avalanche, and estimated D2.5 destructive force.

Other Comments:

Observer: Heath Hanson