Observation Date: 02/25/2020

Headed toward St. Mary Peak vía McCalla Ck ridge, played hopscotch with the road and then broke trail up toward Point 8241 (do we have a name for this?) Called it there as I ran out of gas. Skied out the E trees into Silverthorn Ck.

Sunshine! Gorgeous day.

Could have a carried a lit candle with me all day. However plenty of scouring and loading from the past couple days—not severe below about 8500 feet but the alpine was hammered.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
Noted good stability in areas traveled. No sensitivity on E & NE test slopes up to ~8000ft and new snow was a bit dense/well bonded to old surface. Like I said the evidence of transport from the storm was mostly limited to high elevation in this area. Noted growing cornices.

Other Comments:
Awesome conditions! I need to get a snowmobile…

Observer: Dustin M