Observation Date: 03/15/2020

Gash South Bowl

Mixed sun and clouds; snowing lightly.

Almost immediately after the sun came out, all the trees started shedding the new snow and the previously cold and dry snow started to stick. It was amazing how quickly it happened.

Still and calm.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
On one run off the NE side of little Gash, I was able to get all the new snow to run on the sun crust below in a small choke/mini chute on a slop in the mid to high 40’s degrees.

Northern aspects kept colder snow that came easily off of the crust below, ran very quickly and picked up alot of surrounding snow to form a large sluff/loose snow slide that could easily take someone off their feet and take them for a ride.

Other Comments:

Observer: Miles Knotek