Observation Date: 03/29/2020

Point six to Murphy peak, many different runs and aspects

Intermittent squalls with graupel accumulations

Mild, no snow transport observed

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
On a tour bouncing through the bowls from point 6 to murphy peak, we observed a skier triggered storm slab on a steep, NE facing slope at around 7700ft in the head of Grant Creek bowl (not sure what it’s called). The slide broke at the new/old interface about 10 inches deep and 50ft wide on near surface facets and an ice crust, and appeared to have been triggered in the last couple days. About 1/2 mile down-drainage of this slide, we observed several D1+ natural storm slabs on the adjacent SE ridge of Murphy peak that also broke on NE facing slopes and entrained a fair bit of snow, running several hundred feet and depositing 2-3ft deep debris piles.

Other Comments:
Through numerous hand pits, we found the 6-8 inches of storm snow to be well bonded on southerly slopes, and less so on northerly slopes, with a weak near-surface facet interface that did not seem to have gained much strength in the past couple days. Although we were not able to get this aspect to move with ski cuts, I’d be pretty wary of it, especially if the snow piles up the way it’s supposed to in the next few days. Riding conditions are fantastic right now, and lower angle terrain is actually skiing better than steep terrain. With more snow, these D1 storm slabs could easily get bigger and more dangerous.

Observer: Adam Pohl